Solar Consulting
What is Polysun? Polysun allows you to design and simulate your residential or commercial renewable energy systems. Create your system virtually and test it using historical weather data and boundary conditions that you define. Be able to see how your system performs before you spend one penny on the hardware. We sell the following Polysun modules (Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Heat Pump/ Geothermal, Solar Cooling):

Polysun Polysun Polysun Polysun
*FREE training via Webex with Professional and Designer purchases.

Solar Consulting serves solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump, and geothermal customers. Site analysis and simulation studies are also offered as are system design services. On-site and distance instructional courses, seminars and software training are also part of the portfolio. We specialize in Polysun software sales and service in North America.

Polysun on Computer

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Polysun on Computer

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Solar Consulting
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